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When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world- John Muir

Community Education

We are actively involved in community education, including workshops, conferences, and seminars. We partner with Spencer County Purdue Extension with many projects throughout the year including Crop Day and the 4-H fair.

We also partner with other Districts, local, state and federal groups to promote conservation practices and education.

Adventures with Nature

The 13th annual Adventures with Nature program held at Tipsaw Lake had another great turn-out this year on June 27. The theme for this year was Pioneer Life, which drew a crowd of over 250 visitors and volunteers. Participants could do wide range of activities such as make bird houses, corn husk dolls, and butter, make their own rope, try their hands at quilting patterns, and even made felted items such as worms and eggs. If they were interested in playing pioneer games, there were plenty brought from Lincoln State Park and with the volunteers from O’bannon Woods. There were also activities like archery, BB shooting, tomahawk throwing and carpentry where people could use period tools for wood carving. The featured event held at noon was the “Take Flight” event, where Mark Booth presented his birds of prey, live-flight demonstrations and spoke about the ecology of hawks, owls and falcons.

Classroom Education

The staff is currently working on matching programs to the new standards. Please call Courtney at 812-649-9136 ext 101 for more information.

Did you know that the Spencer County SWCD offers programs and events to public and private schools, home school students, libraries, Boy and Girl Scout Groups within Spencer County? To schedule an environmental, agriculture or natural resources program contact Courtney.

Classroom Programs

Due to common allergies to foods, the popular "Earth Layers Snack" will no longer be offered. The staff is working on developing food-free alternatives.

Other Activities

Soil to spoon – An hands-on activity board to help students trace every day foods back to soil.

Water Cycle Booklets- About the water cycle; a coloring and activity guide

Conservation Memory game- Teams look at items on a table and try to memorize the different items in 2 minutes. Then the items are covered and they try to remember all the items. The team who remembers the most items will win a prize.

Wetlands conservation- Activities and booklets

Earth Bracelets- students create a bracelet with various beads to remind them of important natural resources.

What's in a scoop of Soil? - This activity can be used in all age groups to get them digging deeper into soil mysteries. This activity was developed and utilized at Earth Week at AEP Honey Creek Farms in 2014.

Upcoming Events

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